Vasudeva Datta’s Sripata


Vasudeva Datta’s original temple is close to Saranga Murari Thakura’s Sripata but the temple is no longer there. Sri Madana-Gopala deities worshiped by Vasudeva Datta are being worshiped now at Saranga Murari’s Sripata. Gaudiya Matha devotees are now managing this temple. 

Vasudeva Datta was the expansion of Prahlada Maharaja. Vasudeva Datta – brother of Mukunda Datta also was the resident of Chattagram… Vasudeva Datta used to live at the house of Srivas Pandit. In “Chaitanya bhagavat” it says that Lord Chaitania Mahaprabhu was so much pleased with Vasudeva Datta and loved him very much and used to say: “I completely belong to Vasudeva Datta. He may dispose Me as he like, and can even sell Me to anyone…” Vasudeva Datta initiated Yadunanda Acharya, the spiritual master of Raghunatha dasa, who later became a Raghunatha das Goswami…Vasudeva Datta used to spend money without counting them because of that Lord Chaitanya told Shivananda Sena to become his secretary and somehow to limit his expenditures.  All the earned money he used to spend for worshiping the Deities.

Vasudeva Datta was so kind to living entities that once he desired to take for himself all of their sins and requested Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu to give to them liberation. “Dear Lord, when I see how living entities are suffering my heart breaks. Please,I beg ,You give to me their karma and liberate them all! I am ready to suffer for them.”

Hearing these words the heart of the Lord melted, tears flowed from His eyes, and His body trembled. With breaking words Lord answered:

“Whatever requests pure Devotee makes from his Master, Krishna definitely fulfills his wish. For you there is no need to suffer for their sins – they will be liberated just by your request…”

Srila Prabhupada used to tell: “No one can compete with Vasudeva Datta. He was a Vaishnava – para duhka dukhi – very sensitive to the sufferings of others. Such a Devotee by just his existence purifies whole world. Such a person is the real representative of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, because his heart is always filled with compassion to conditioned souls.” (Chaitanya Charitamrita”, Madhya, 15.163, purport.)

We can pray to Vasudeva Datta in order to cultivate this similar compassion.

Directions from Modadruma Gaudiya Matha: Leaving the Modadruma Gaudiya Matha, turn right onto the road and walk for a few minutes until you reach the first path on the right. Walk down this path as it turns to the left and then to the right. A short distance ahead on the left, you will see a small pond amongst some overgrown bushes. Opposite that is a small pathway going into a bushy area. Approximately seven meters inside this area is the place where the original temple of Madana Gopala used to be. This is also the area where Vasudeva Datta lived. The deity can now be seen in the Saranga Deva Gaudiya Matha.