Lord Gauranga revealed Himself to the old vipra, a great devotee of Sri Lakshmi-Narayana


The following is an excerpt from the Bhakti-ratnakara. Long ago, when Narada Muni visited Vaikunthapura and had darsana of Lord Gauranga (as previously described), there was a great, qualified king who was ruling this country. He introduced the worship of Lord Sri Narayana. After some time this village became almost hidden, then slowly people started to live here again. At that time one old vipra was living here. He used to perform worship with the Lakshmi-Narayana mantra. He had unalloyed undeviating love for Lakshmi and Narayana. Occasionally he would visit Vallabha Misra’s house and serve Lakshmi-Narayana in a private place. That vipra had developed great affection for Vallabha Misra, who in turn respected the vipra as his guru. The vipra was present at the marriage ceremony of Lord Gauranga and Lakshmipriya. Upon seeing this Lakshmi-Visvambhara form of the Lord, he started dancing and chanting “Lakshmi-Narayana!” His eyes were filled with tears of bliss and his body was exhibiting symptoms of ecstasy in the form of pulaka (hairs standing on end). After some time by the desire of the Lord, the vipra was pacified and became calm. He stayed there that night and the next day went back to his simple cottage under a tree. The vipra entered his humble kutira and started crying profusely, feeling great ecstasy of love as he remembered Lakshmi and Gauracandra in the house of Vallabha Misra. The vipra was convinced that Lord Narayana had come in the form of Gauranga, the son of Saci-devi. “The daughter of Vallabha Misra is Lakshmi-devi Herself. Both Lakshmi and Narayana have appeared on this earth. Would the Lord of my life Gauracandra who is Lakshmi-prana-natha, bless a fallen and ill-minded person like me?” While the vipra was praying to the Lord in many ways, the Lord Himself appeared in his kutira, manifesting the most opulent Vaikuntha pastimes. Sri Gauranga in His most attractive form was sitting on a ratna-simhasana along with Lakshmi-devi. His auspicious body was decorated with a variety of ornaments. There was no comparison to the beauty of Their forms. The vipra was surprised to see Gauracandra immediately transform into the fourhanded form of Lord Narayana. The vipra fell at the lotus feet of the Lord and offered many prayers. The Lord, who is controlled by His devotee, smiled and said, “Life after life you are My dear servant. You are fully qualified to see My pastimes but please do not reveal what you have seen now. Whatever you wish your desire will always be fulfilled.” The Lord placed His lotus feet on the head of the vipra. Inconceivable pastimes manifested in this vipra’s kutira. Saci-kumara along with His associates performed many pastimes here in Vaikunthapura.