Lord Ramacandra appeared as Lord Gauranga

Lord Rama as Lord Gauranga

Isana Thakura continued, “In the Maugachi village Lord Sri Gaurasundara exhibited a wonderful pastime which was not visible to other people. There was one vipra living at this place who was a great worshiper of Lord Ramacandra. That vipra was present in the house of Jagannatha Misra on the day Visvambhara took birth. At that time all the demigods were glorifying the occasion saying ‘jaya, jaya.’ This vipra was a little puzzled to see so many other vipras present there and thought to himself that his Lord must definitely have appeared, ‘This Jagannatha Misra must be King Dasaratha and Saci-mata must be Kausalya herself, the mother of all creation.’ Stunned, he left the house of Jagannatha Misra without saying anything to anyone and returned to his own house. While he was meditating upon his worshipable Lord Ramacandra in His greenish durvadala form, he saw the wonderful golden form of the son of Jagannatha Misra. While seeing this he fell asleep and in his dream Lord Gauracandra appeared to him. His bodily effulgence defeated even the splendor of a golden mirror. His beautiful face was mocking the beauty of the moon. His arms extended to His knees. His chest was very broad and His long eyes reached to His ears, making the Lord very attractive. He had beautiful, fine, curling hair and His head was decorated with a variety of flower garlands. His neck was surrounded with most wonderful brahminical threads. His body was so beautiful that one cannot compare it to another in this world. The Lord was sitting on a ratna-simhasana (jeweled throne) and before Him many demigods led by Brahma were offering prayers. As the vipra was looking upon this scene with great joy, he suddenly saw that Gauracandra had changed to the nava-durva-dala form of Lord Ramacandra. The son of Kausalya was pleasing the whole world with His most attractive royal dress. He was smiling, holding a bow and arrows in His hands. On the left of Lord Ramacandra, Sitadevi was standing and Lakshmana was holding an umbrella. In front of Them Hanuman, the son of Vayu-deva, was sitting with folded hands in a humble posture. Upon witnessing this beautiful form of Lord Ramacandra, the vipra fell to the ground, offering repeated obeisances. Bhakta-vatsala Prabhu, Lord Ramacandra, is the storehouse of good qualities and He blessed the vipra abundantly before disappearing. Being deprived of the Lord’s darsana, the vipra woke up and became very worried, losing control of his senses. Seeing this situation, the Lord appeared to him again to console him and forbade him to reveal this to anyone. The vipra was thus pacified and very pleased. He did not say anything to anyone about his darsana of Sri Gauracandra.” Isana Thakura concluded, “This very old vipra, due to being merciful upon me, revealed this fact to me in a solitary place at the time of his death. What can I say about his wonderful qualities? Just see the residence of this vipra. By seeing this place one becomes free from the fear of material existence. Here Lord Gauracandra manifested His Ramacandra pastimes which I have personally seen.”