Lord Gauranga manifested to Narada Muni in Vaikunthapura


Isana Thakura said, “Narada Muni, after declaring the news everywhere, finally came back to this place in Navadvipa. The sage was thinking to himself, ‘I wonder if I will be so fortunate to see the same thing here that I witnessed in Dvaraka?’ Thinking like this he looked all around and immediately saw the opulence of Dvaraka in Nadia. He saw that Gauracandra was sitting on a ratna-simhasana. With the beauty of His form He was attracting even Kandarpa. It is not possible to describe how Narada Muni felt after seeing that beautiful form of the Lord. The Lord spoke to Narada Muni with very sweet words, ‘Now you will see My manifested pastimes here in Nadia. Your desire for removing the suffering of all living entities will be fulfilled in all respects.’ 

After saying this and giving His blessings, Lord Sri Gaurahari vanished. Being deprived of the Lord’s darsana, Narada Muni felt great separation. He spent a few days here at this Narayanapitha and then left for traveling. Because this is the place where Narada Muni received darsana of Narayana it is known as Narayana-pitha. All the opulence of Vaikuntha manifests here, therefore this place is also famous as Sri Vaikunthapura.”