Sharanga Deva Gaudiya Math

A small Temple opened by the descendants of Sharanga Murari now is supported by Gaudiya Math Devotees. There are the Deities in the altar:

The biggest Deities are Radha Madana Gopal (who were worshiped by Vasudeva Datta Thakur). Smaller Ones are Radha Gopinath who were worshiped by Sharanga Murari. The smallest Ones are Sri Sri Radha Govinda. They were worshiped by Shivananda Sena. The Deities of Gaura Gadadhara were worshipped by Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati and his disciples. Present Pujari Jagadbandhu Prabhu worships here from his 10 years old.

Gaura Gadadhara

Jananivas Prabhu speaks about the Deities. These installed three famous Deities stayed together in a small Temple. Once some strangers started to reside at the home of Vasudeva Datta and Mukunda Datta. After some time when the descendants left this world. Those strangers who were not Vaishnavas decided to usurp the property. During that time, this beautiful incident took place.Once upon a time H.H Sagar Maharaj – disciple of Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur was going to Kolkata. During this time,these Deities appeared in  his dream. Lord told: “They want to throw Me to the Ganges! Please come and help Me! I am from Mamgachi, My Name is Madana Gopal.”  Sagar Maharaj returned back and immediately came here  along with Devotees. They visited all the houses and asked about the Deity from all local residents, until they at least came to the very house.

“Yes, we wanted to throw Them,” said the owners. “It will be better if you give Them to us,” requested devotees.  The owners agreed. In this way the Deities were saved. The old pujari from Mamgachi told that Maharaja Sagara did not have any place to stay here initially . but after some time someone donated to him a piece of land…Since then along with the deities they all resided there together – Sagara Maharaja with Jagadbandhu. Jagadbandhu became a Devotee when he was only 10 years old. Once Devotees had disagreement with each other. That was so painful to the heart of Sagara Maharaja and he said: “I do not wish anymore to stay here.” And that evening, at the time of sandhya arati, sitting in front of Deities he left his body and went back to Godhead.