Narada Muni saw Sri Krishna transform into Sri Gauranga


Isana Thakura continued, “On the arrival of Narada Muni in Dvaraka, Rukmini-natha Sri Krishna looked at him in great ecstasy. Sri Krishna satisfied Narada Muni by receiving him nicely and asked, ‘Where have you come from?’ Narada Muni replied, ‘I have just come from Navadvipa.’ Having said this, sage Narada became silent. Understanding the mind of Narada Muni, the most merciful Sri Krishna transformed Himself into His most attractive Gauranga form. After seeing Lord Gauranga, the moon of Nadia, Narada Muni could not maintain his composure. Tears started to flow from his eyes and indescribable ecstatic transformations took place on his body. Immediately Narada Muni saw the Lord’s form change from that of Gauranga to the beautiful blue form of Sri Krishna. Narada Muni kept that most valuable form of Gaura- Krishna hidden within his heart. He constantly meditated upon this most extraordinary beauty with undeviating attention. Lord Sri Krishna was happy to see the condition of Narada Muni. After pacifying Narada and helping him to regain composure, Lord Sri Krishna spoke softly, ‘Go to Kailasa to meet with Siva. Inform everyone about My appearance in Navadvipa. The time has come. There is no need to delay any longer.’ Thus, after hearing the sweet words from Sri Krishna, Narada Muni took leave. Very soon he reached the Kailasa Mountain while chanting the glories of Gaura-Krishna and playing his vina. He offered his obeisances to Siva and informed him about everything Sri Krishna had told him. Mahadeva was very much overwhelmed to hear the news from Narada Muni. He put Narada on his lap and started to cry in happiness. One cannot describe the amount of happiness manifested on Kailasa Mountain after the news was announced.”