Guhaka-raja appeared as Sadananda and saw Lord Gauranga, non-different from Sri Ramacandra

Guhaka raja

Lord Nityananda said, “By the desire of the Lord, Guhaka-raja, the friend of Ramacandra, took birth here as the son of a brahmana. His name was Sadananda Bhattacarya and he knew nothing except Ramacandra in the three worlds. On the very day that My Lord Gauranga appeared in Mayapur, Sadananda was present in the house of Jagannatha Misra. At the time of the Lord’s appearance all the demigods descended at that place to take darsana of the infant form of the Lord. The great sadhaka, Vipra Sadananda, could recognize that the demigods had come to take darsana of the baby and thus he understood that his Lord had taken birth. With great curiosity, Sadananda returned to his house. When he meditated upon his ishtadeva, he saw Gaurasundara sitting on the altar, while the demigods including Brahma were offering puja to the Lord. Then he again saw Lord Ramacandra sitting next to Lakshmana, the abode of Sri Ananta. On His left side Sitadevi was seated and bhakta Hanuman was positioned in front of Him. By seeing this, Sadananda realized that Gauranga was none other than his Lord Ramacandra. With great pleasure Sadananda Vipra would go regularly to Mayapur and take darsana of Gauranga to his heart’s content. He would say, ‘I am blessed! I am blessed! My Lord Ramacandra is present here in front of me in the form of Gauranga.’ After some time, when Mahaprabhu started the sankirtana pastime, Sadananda was dancing there, chanting the holy name of Gauranga.” “O, Jiva! Pure devotees see this place as Bhandiravana.” Hearing all these descriptions from Lord Nityananda, the devotes started to dance and chant, surrounding Nityananda Prabhu. Symptoms of ashta-sattvika-vikara manifested in the body of Sri Jiva. He started shouting, “Ha! Gauranga! Ha! Gauranga!” That day Lord Nityananda stayed there happily in the house of Narayani. This most chaste lady, the mother of Vyasadeva (Vrindavana dasa Thakura), served all the Vaishnavas personally. The next day all the devotees went to Sri Vaikunthapura.