Why is this island called Ritudvipa?

From Campahatti village Isana Thakura came to Ratupura village. He said, “Just see this most beautiful village known as Ritudvipa. Before this was a big village, but now only a village by name. Before many devotees of Sri Krishna were living here. Lord Gauranga had many wonderful pastimes here in this most attractive Ratupura. Now I will tell you why this place is called Ritudvipa. Ritu means season. All the six seasons, the rainy season, autumn, hemanta (early winter), winter, spring and summer seasons live here in their personal forms and speak to each other with very sweet words. One says, ‘Sri Krishnacandra will appear in Nadia.’ Another says, ‘The Lord will manifest His wonderful pastimes and increase our happiness with every moment.’ Another season asks, ‘When will that Vrajendra-nandana appear as Gaurahari to multiply our bliss?’ Yet another replies, ‘Narada Muni has announced everywhere that Lord Gaurahari will appear during the first part of Kali-yuga.’ One of them asks, ‘Tell us, what is the time of His incarnation?’ Another one replies, ‘Vasanta-ritu (the spring season) is the most fortunate.’ Vasanta season is very happy to hear this and begins to praise her good fortune. All the seasons (ritus) along with ritu-raja Vasanta (vasanta season, the king of all seasons) started to meditate constantly on the advent of the Lord. All the seasons worshiped the Lord here to fulfil their desires. Therefore this place was previously known as Ritudvipa. Whoever visits this holy place will become free from all kinds of suffering and will take birth in Nadia to witness the pastimes of the Lord.”