Brihaspati appeared as Vasudeva Sarvabhauma

Sri Nityananda Prabhu explained to Sri Jiva, “This Kali-yuga in which Lord Gauranga has appeared, is blessed and is the cream of all yugas. Lord Gaurasundara manifests His vidya pastimes in this yuga. Therefore Brihaspati descended here along with his associates. Brihaspati took birth as Vasudeva Sarvabhauma to please Lord Gauranga. Knowing His Lord would enjoy the vidya-rasa, Brihaspati along with his associates left Indrasabha (Indra’s court) and appeared at different places for the Lord’s pleasure. Sarvabhauma Mahasaya opened tolas (schools) in Vidyanagara and spread knowledge. He thought, ‘In the future, due to the influence of dry knowledge, I may lose Sri Gauranga.’ Thinking like this he left behind his disciples and went to another area, leaving Nadia before the appearance of the Lord. He thought to himself, ‘If I am a real servant of Gauranga then the Lord, being merciful upon me, will bring me to Him.’ Thinking like this Sarvabhauma went to Nilacala-dhama and established mayavada-sastra there very strongly. Here in Vidyanagara, Gauracandra Mahaprabhu enjoyed vidya-vilasa by defeating the disciples of Sarvabhauma in a very simple way, just by joking with them (parihasa). Whenever Lord Gaura Raya came to Vidyanagara He would defeat all the scholars through nyaya-phanki (debate). All the teachers and students would run away, being defeated by Gauranga. These descriptions of Gauranga’s vidya-lila are very wonderful. Whoever listens to these pastimes becomes free from ignorance.” Hearing this, Sri Jiva rolled on the ground in ecstasy at Vedanagara (the place of the Vedas).