Vidyanagara Gaudiya Matha

Gaudiya Math

Darsana times: 6.00 a.m-12.00 and 4.00-8.00 p.m. 

Directions: Take the Navadvipa-Krishnanagar Highway No. 8 under Narasimhapalli (Godrumadvipa). Cross the Gauranga Bridge and turn right when you reach the T-junction. This is the Navadvipa-Katwa Road. Proceed for approximately six kilometers. You will pass some concrete houses on the left. Shortly after that, you will come to a village shopping area. Make a left turn where you see a subji market (usually open until around noontime) and then, after a short distance, take the first right. On this road you will cross a bridge which goes over the remains of the Ganga River who used to flow here in Lord Caitanya’s time. Take the first local road on the right side. This local road becomes smaller and goes into a village. Turn right and go through this village until you see a sparse brick building (a small school) in an open area on the left side. This temple is down the path opposite the school. 

Presiding deities: Bhakt i siddhant a Sarasvati Thakura established this small temple. The beautiful lifesized neem Gaura- Nitai deities here were worshiped by Vidya-vac a spat i, the brother of S a r v a b h a u m a Bhattacarya. 

Points of interest: It is said that the group of trees (on the left side before the temple) do not belong to any known species, and that they manifested from some pens Nimai planted in the ground.