Lord Nityananda identifies Radha-kunda and Syama-kunda in Ritudvipa

(from Navadvipa-dhama-mahatmya, Parikrama-khanda)

Lord Nityananda, along with some other devotees, spent the night at the house of Dvija Vaninatha in Campahatti. Early the next morning the devotees woke up chanting the holy name of Gaura-Nitaicandra. Lord Nityananda and His companions very happily resumed their journey leaving Campahatti behind. Vaninatha decided to accompany Lord Nityananda. He thought to himself, “When will I again be blessed with such an opportunity to perform parikrama along with Lord Nityananda and finish the parikrama at the house of Mahaprabhu in Mayapur?” Thus all the devotees were enjoying the beauty of Ratupura, relishing the sight of this most enchanting place. Lord Nityananda said, “Now we have reached Ritudvipa. This place is very attractive, all the trees here bow down respectfully. There is a soothing breeze blowing and all around so many flowers are blossoming. The humming sound of bumble-bees and the sweet smell of the flowers enchant the minds of the passers-by.”

Lord Nitai

While saying this Lord Nityananda became entranced and called out, “Bring My sringa (horn) immediately! All the calves have gone far away from here. Kanai is still sleeping in the house. He is so childish that He has not come here yet. Where are Subala and Sridama? I, Balarama, am alone here. I cannot go alone to fetch the cows.” The most powerful Lord Nityananda shouted, “Kanai! Kanai!” and started leaping in the air. By seeing Lord Nityananda in this mood, the devotees immediately approached Him and said, “O, Lord Nityananda! Your brother is Gauracandra. Now He is not here. Gaurahari has taken sannyasa and gone to Nilacala, leaving us beggars behind.” When Lord Nityananda heard that Gaurahari was not there, He felt great distress and started crying and rolling on the ground, feeling separation from His Gaura. Lord Nityananda addressed Gauranga as Kanai, “O, My brother Kanai! For what reason have You taken sannyasa and left us behind here to go to Nilacala? I will not maintain this life anymore. I will jump into the water of the River Yamuna!” Having spoken these words, Lord Nityananda fainted. The devotees started harinama- sankirtana realizing that Lord Nityananda had developed mahabhava. Four dandas (one danda equals twentyfour minutes) of the day had passed, but Lord Nityananda had not come back to His external senses. Then the devotees started to chant gaura-gita (songs about Gaura). When Lord Nityananda heard the name of Gauranga He immediately got up and said, “This place is Radhakunda. Here Lord Gaurahari along with His devotees would perform namasankirtana every afternoon. Just see the beauty of Syama-kunda, attracting the minds of the whole universe. Just see the kunjas of the different sakhis. Here Gauracandra would come with his sankirtana party and please everyone by distributing love of Godhead. 

O My brothers, there is no place equal to this in the three worlds. This is the best spot for devotees to perform bhajana.

Whoever resides here will get love of Godhead and his heart will be pacified.” That day all the devotees along with Lord Nityananda stayed there chanting the holy name of Gauranga, immersed in love. The next day they proceeded to Vidyanagara.