Lord Nityananda dispels the doubts of Sri Jiva

Lord Nitayananda

Sri Jiva inquired from Sri Nityananda Prabhu, in order to remove his doubts, “The knowledge of sankhya and logic is very inauspicious. How then did these sciences remain here in the eternal dhama?” Hearing his question, Nityananda embraced Jiva very affectionately and said, “Hari bol! Hari bol! In the holy abode of the Lord there is nothing inauspicious. Logic and sankhya are not so powerful or prominent here independently. They stay here as the servants of bhakti and trap some wicked people who are suffering the results of their bad karma. Bhakti is maha-devi here and all others are her servants. Everyone here assists in manifesting bhakti. In Navadvipa, nine kinds of devotional service exist. Here karma and jnana serve bhakti. Sastra serves to further contaminate the intelligence of those who are adverse to Krishna. But to gentlemen the same sastra gives attachment to Sri Krishna. Praudha Maya is the predominating deity here. Every yuga she remains engaged as the servant of Gauranga in this holy abode. If someone becomes averse to the Vaishnavas due to bad karma, maya makes him blind and gives him much suffering. All sins and all karma are destroyed here by Praudha Maya in her transcendental form. But if someone is offensive to Vaishnavas, Praudha Maya removes him from here. Those wicked people, even though they may possess vast knowledge, still do not attain love at the lotus feet of Sri Krishna. They receive avidya and therefore do not see Sri Gauranga and the opulence of Nadia. Therefore vidya is not inauspicious, only the avidya (the shadow portion of vidya) is inauspicious. Dear Jiva, all these truths will become apparent to you by the mercy of Sri Gauranga and by the will of the Lord you will mention all this in the many scriptures that will manifest through you.”