The appearance of Sarasvati-devi

Lord Nityananda said, “After the annihilation when the time of creation again arrives, Brahma becomes very fearful witnessing the vast annihilation. At that time the Lord shows him His mercy. Here Brahma offered prayers to the Lord and just as he opened his mouth to begin his offering, Sarasvati-devi appeared from his tongue in her most beautiful form. Then, by the energy of Sarasvati, Brahma offered a stava (prayer) to Lord Sri Krishna with great happiness. When creation takes place, maya covers all directions. Maya, comprised of the three modes of material nature, remains on the bank of the Viraja River. The rishis try to establish knowledge in the material world manifested by maya. This is Sarada-pitha, the place of Sarasvati (Sarada). By taking shelter of this holy place, the rishis defeat avidya (ignorance). They learn the sixty-four varieties of vidya (knowledge) and propagate this knowledge in various places on the earth planet. Whatever branch of vidya they may practice, all of the rishis eternally reside here. Sri Valmiki received kavya-rasa at this place by the mercy of Narada Rishi and compiled the Ramayana. Dhanvantari received Ayur Veda here. Rishis like Visvamitra also came here to learn archery. Saunaka Rishi read the Vedic mantras at this place. Mahadeva Siva also discussed tantra here. Brahma manifested the four Vedas here at the request of the rishis. Kapila Muni compiled sankhya sitting at this place. Sri Gautama Rishi manifested nyaya and tarka (logic) sitting here. Kanada Muni revealed the vaiseshika philosophy, sage Patanjali revealed the yoga-sastra, Jaimini wrote the treatises on mimamsa, Vedavyasa revealed the Puranas, and the Pancaratra was written by five sages including Narada Muni. All these philosophies were manifested here and then taught to the people in general.”