Siva Khari (Siva Pushkarani)

You then walk awhile until you reach Siva Khari Kunda, which is on the right hand side of the parikrama path. The word Siva with a long i means "jackal." Between the path and the kunda is a very small temple (3 ft high, 4ft by 4 ft) dedicated to Lord Siva who is known as Ramesvara. Lord Siva stays here to protect Radha Kunda.

There is a story about Siva Khari in the Padma Parana, Vrindavana Mahatmya. Once a female jackal was drinking some water from the kunda here. Some children came and started beating the jackal with some sticks. The jackal hid in a nearby fox hole. The children built a fire in front of the hole to catch the jackal. Srimati Radharani was passing by at this time and heard the cries of the jackal. She said, "No one should be distressed in my favorite place (the area of Radha Kunda)." Radharani then sent some gopis to chase the children away. The gopis then brought the jackal to Radharani. The jackal fell down before her crying. Srimati Radharani patted the jackal and blessed the jackal with eternal service.

Getting there- If you are doing Govardhana parikranaa, this kunda is on the right as you are entering the town around Radha Kunda. It is about 15 minutes from Uddhava Kunda. About 35m after this kunda the parikrama path turns to the left.

To get here from Radha Kunda, you first go to the Banke Bihari Gaudiya Math temple, and then you walk backwards on the Govardhana parikrama path about 150m. At the intersection make a right and walk 35m. The body of water on the left side is Siva Khari.