Raghava Pandit’s Bhajana Kutir and Sutalavana Forest

Just after passing Apsara Kunda, you enter the forest of Sutalavana, and close by is Sutala Kunda. Next to this kunda is the Sri Nathaji temple. This temple is less than a hundred years old.
If you go around the Nathaji temple you come to a Mani Kandali Cave. It is said that Radha and Krishna used to have pastimes in this cave. The mouth of this cave is now sealed.
Raghava Pandita, a close associate of Sri Caitanya Ma¬haprabhu, used to do bhajana in this cave. He knew most of Krishna’s pastime places in Braja. He is described in Gaura Ganoddesa Dipika as being Sri Campakalata Sakhi, one of the eight main gopis. He is one of the main personalities in Bhakti¬ratnakara, by Narahari Cakravarti.
Getting there- The Mani Kandali cave is close to Apsara Kunda. To get here you walk along the side of Apsara Kunda towards Govardhana Hill. The dirt path bents to the left and you walk about 170m.

You will then see a dirt path that goes left towards the main paiikrama road, and right toward Govardhana Hill. You take the right path for about Nathaji Temple. In front of you and a little to the right, in the woods, is Sutala Kunda. If you walk straight and then go to the left, around the Nathaji Temple, you come to Mani Kandali cave.