Punchari Ka Lautha Baba Temple

This temple is dedicated to Lautha, a friend of Krishna, who sat and waited for Krishna to return to Vrindavana from Mathura. Because this temple is close to Punchari he has become known as Punchari Ka I.autha. The deity of Lautha is red and he is sitting. This deity is one of the most famous in Braja

. Punchari Ka Lautha Baba Temple

When Akrura was taking Krishna away to Mathura, Lautha asked Krishna when He would return. Krishna told him he would return the day after tomorrow. Lautha said he would not eat or drink anything until He returned. He then came to this place and sat down. This deity of Lautha is still waiting for Krishna to return. Getting there- This temple is about 70m from Apsara Kunda, on the main parikrama path. It is a bigger than average road-side temple. Kadamba Va

n Kadamba Van

Surabhi Kunda, Indra Kunda and Airavata Kunda are all in Kadamba Van forest. It is said that Radha and Krishna would meet in this forest and have pastimes here. After you leave the Apsara Kunda area you can either walk on the dirt path, close to Govardhana Hill, or follow the paved road.