Gauri Kunda

Sri Rupa Gosvami describes the pastime that took place here in Vidagdha Madhava Nataka. One day Abhimanyu, the husband of Radharani, decided to bring Radharani to Mathura to keep her away from Krishna. He went to Paurnamasi and asked her for her blessing to do this. She told him that whatever he had heard was just rumors. She convinced Abhimanyu not go to Mathura and to return home. Abhimanyu then requested Paurnamasi to have Radharani start worshiping Gauri Devi. His mother, Jatila, had told him that Chandravali had started wor¬shiping Gauri Devi and her husband Govardhana Malla had become very rich.

Radha then went to worship Gauri Devi. Krishna then came and blocked Her path. After a long argument Radha chastised Krishna and went to pick some flowers for Gauri Devi. Abhimanyu then heard from Padma gopi that Radha and Krishna were together at the Gauri Temple, so he rushed there.

Krishna then went to the Gauri Temple and dressed up like Gauri Devi, and stood in front of the Deity of Gauri Devi, block¬ing the real deity of Gauri. After picking some flowers, Radha¬rani went and offered prays to Gauri Devi. At this time Abhimanyu came rushing into the temple. Gauri Devi (actually Krishna) then tells Abhimanyu that there is a great danger in store for him. He asked Vrinda Devi to tell him what it is. Vrinda Devi then told him that Kamsa plans to cut off his head in two days. Radharani then begged Gauri Devi to help him. Gauri said she would help him if Radharani promised that she would never leave Braja and would always render service to me. Abhimanyu promised that this would happen. Abhimanyu then canceled any plans of going to Mathura.

Getting there
To get here you make a left from the road that goes around the village of Aniyora, immediately after passing Sankarshana Kunda. If you are walking through the village of Aniyora it is down a road, on the other side of Sankarshana Kunda.