Jati Pura

Jati Pura is named after Madhavendra Puri, who was a sannyasi (in the renounced order), or yati. Yati means "sannyasa." Jati is the modern corruption. Pura means "town." This town is called Jati Pura because Madhavendra Puri used to live here. He worshiped the Deity of Gopala (Sri Nathaji) here. This town is also known as Gopala Pura.

Sringa Sthali
At Sringa Sthali devotees pour milk over a large Govardhana shila. Hundreds of litres of milk are poured on Govardhana daily at this place. This is on the western side of Govardhana Hill. Sri Gopala revealed himself to Madhavendra Puri on the eastern side of the hill. Sri Gopala was worshiped in a temple on top of the hill. You can see the temple on top of the hill at this place.

The samadhis of Vallabhacarya and his son Vithala are located directly in front of Sringa Sthali. The worship of Gopala was entrusted to Vithala.

Getting there
This place is in the town of Jati Pura, right next to Govardhana Hill.

From Jati Pura
From Sringa Stali you then walk along the side of Govardhana Hill for about two minutes and you come to a small temple that contains the well-dressed Dandavati-shila. From here you make a left and return to the parikrama path. As you leave Jati Pura you come to Surya Kunda. This kunda is on the left hand side, a short distance into the fields. This kunda is always dry and is called Sukda Kunda by the locals.