Narada Vana

Narada Vana is near Kusuma Sarovara. Narada Muni is said to have wrote the Narada-bhakti sutras here. He performed tapasya here after being instructed by Vrinda Devi to do so. He desired to witness the conjugal pastimes of Radha Krishna at Radha Kunda, but could not do so Because he was in a male body. After being blessed by Vrinda Devi, he took a female body after bath ing in Kusuma Sarovara. He then witnessed the pastimes of Radha and Krishna at Radha Kunda. Lord I rishna then in structed him to write about the glories of blaakti, devotional service. There is a good sized kunda here called Narada Kunda. There is a temple here, with a deity of Narada Muni. Not many people visit this place

. Narada Vana

Getting there
To get here from Kusuma Sarovara you walk a short distance (80m) towards the town of Govardhana (away from Radha Kunda). On the left is a dirt road. From the road it is about 400m (a 5 minute walk) to Narada Vana. When you reach the end of the dirt road, the Narada temple is on the right and Narada Kunda is directly in front of you, behind some trees.