Rameshwaram Yatra – Transcripts from the lectures by His Holiness Radhanath Swami Maharaj’s South India Yatra 2010

Search for Sita

As asura Kabandha was being liberated by Lord Ramacandra and Laxmana, he informed them that “in a beautiful place called Pampa Sarovar there is a wonderful forest where a great ascetic lady resides, her name is Shabri. On the mountain called Risyamukha parvat, the king of the monkeys Sugriva resides accompanied by his principal associates like Hanuman. He told Lord Rama that in order to find Mother Sita, You make allies with them and they will surely help You.”

Allies with Sugriva

Lord Ramacandra and Laxmana went to Pampa sarovar where Hanuman ji met them and then keeping Them on his shoulders he leaped back on the top of Rsyamukha mountain. Lord Rama helped Sugriva to kill Bali and then Hanuman performed a yajna consecrating the vow between the two to be faithful for their cause. After the rainy season was over, Sugriva sent his mass of monkey armies in four directions in search of Sita. Lord Rama had highest confidence in Hanuman’s spotless devotion. Lord gave Hanuman His own ring as evidence to Mother Sita that he was truly Rama’s messenger. Lord Rama said if anyone would find Her, it is you.

Angada was leading the group with Hanuman. They were confident that this was the way Mother Sita was flying in the airways with Ravana. However they could not find Her anywhere and being disappointed the entire search party decided to fast till death.

Sampati reveals the truth

At that time a gigantic bird came out of the cave and was very happy to see so many monkeys as his food. But when he heard them glorifying Rama and they spoke about Jatayu’s sacrifice, he told them that he was Sampati, the elder brother of Jatayu. Sampati told how his wings were burned while he was trying to protect his brother from sun’s rays and at time he was told that when messengers of Lord will come then your wings will grow back. He then told them that he had a very powerful vision and he could see that Sita was in Lanka. After that his wings grew back and then he flew in the sky.

Who will cross the ocean?

Now the problem was how to cross the ocean. The distance was 800 miles. All the monkeys began to speak about how much they could probably jump. Angada said, “I could probably make it there but I cannot come back.”

Then Jambavan spoke and reminded Hanuman, “You have been blessed by sages to forget your powers until someone reminds you.” Hanuman remembered his powers. He climbed on mount Mahendra and assuming an enormous size he leaped into the air crying out “Jai Sri Rama”. As he jumped all the animals living on the mountain became agitated and due to the force of the wind the trees few behind Hanuman.

He was not concerned if something was possible or impossible. He was fixed on rendering service to his beloved Lord Ramacandra, according to his capacity, and therefore he was fearless. When we think from material consciousness we are subject to fear – fear of failure, fear of death, fear of disappointment. For Hanuman there was only one thing, to please Lord

Ramacandra and Lord Ramacandra is pleased by the sincerity of our endeavor.