Holy Teerth and Sea bath

One more striking feature of Ramanath swamy temple is that pilgrims also come to this temple to bathe in the various ‘tirthams’ in order to obtain spiritual merits. There are 22 ‘tirtham’ wells within the precincts of the temple. Most of the devotees take a dip first in the sea (called Agni tirtham) in front of the temple.


called Agni tirtham 
Holy Teerth and Sea bath  02

Holy Teerth and Sea bath 3

Agni Tirtham is an important holy place in Rameshwaram. After Agnideva returned Sita to Lord Ramacandra, he asked Lord Rama for a place where he could get purified because he had taken Sita away. So Lord Ramacandra asked him to take his bath in the ocean and that place came to be known as Agnitirtha. It is said that anyone who bathes in this place will develop the quality of chastity. Agni Tirtham is only 100 meters in front of the magnificent East Gopuram of the Rameshwaram Temple.