Interesting places close to Rameshwaram island

1) Thiruppullanni – Sri Kalyana Jagannatha Perumal Temple

Sri Kalyana Jagannatha Perumal Temple

Sri Kalyana Jagannatha Perumal Temple 2

•This is one of the 108 divya-deçams of the Çri Vaiñëavas.

•This is a historic place and temple in relation to the ancient epic Rämäyana of Lord Räma.

•This is the place where:

a) Vibhisana surrendered to Lord Räma.
b) Samudra Räja (the Ocean God) surrendered to Lord Räma.
c) Lord Rama, along with the monkeys, built the Sethu karai (Sethu Bridge) to go to Laìkä from here.

• The presiding God is Ädi Jagannätha, Goddess is Padmäsini Thäyär. Two of the other sannidhis (altars) are dedicated to deities of Lord Räma, Pattäbhi Rämar and Darba Shayana Rämar.

Goddess is Padmäsini Thäyär

Thirupulläni Jagannätha temple is among the 108 divya-desams of Sri Vaishnavas. Shri Kalyäna Jagannäthar is the presiding Deity with His consorts Kalyänavalli Thäyär and Padmäsini Thäyär.

Since Vibhisana fell at Sri Rama’s feet for complete Sharanagati (surrender) at this place, it is also known as Sharanagati Kshetram. Also Ocean god and his wife sought Sharanägati at the same place

. Sri Räma did fasting and penance on grass in Shayana

Sri Räma did fasting and penance on grass in Shayana (sleep) pose for seven days, thus the place got its name as Thirupulläni meaning the place where the Lord’s bed was grass. Normally, the Lord appears in Shayana sleep pose only on the serpent bed. However, in this kshetram he is lying -“anai”: on “pull”: grass in Tamil language. And Thiru means Lord. Thus the word Thiru- pull- anai : Thirupulläni.

As per Sri Vaishnavas, King Dasharatha performed putra-kämesthi-yajna here in front of Lord Ädi Jagannätha and thus obtained four sons. These Deities were worshipped by Lord Räma when he came here. It is also said that the Deities gave Lord Räma a Säranga bow by which he could defeat Rävana.

The three altars in the temple are of–

1) Ädi Jagannätha, close by is Thäyär (consort) in the next altar.

2) Darbhäshayana Räma—Lord Räma sleeping on darbha grass.

3) Pattäbhirämam— Lord Räma giving darshana alongwith Sitä Devi and Lakshmana.

Temple timing and Contact Details

The temple is open from 8 am to 12.20 pm in the mornings and from 3.30pm to 8pm in the evenings.

Requesting Samudra dev : On Vibhisana’s advice that He should ask Samudradev’s help in order to cross the ocean to Lanka, Lord Ramacandra came to the shore of the ocean at this very place in Thirupullani and began to meditate upon the god of the sea, Samudra dev. He laid on ‘kusha’ grass in meditation. Lord Ramacandra is the Supreme Absolute truth and He is teaching the most exemplary behavior which is to honor people who have high responsibility.

Lord Caitanya said that the following of Vaishnava etiquette is the ornament that makes the devotee beautiful in the eyes of Lord Sri Krishna. Unless the Lord reveals it we would never understand what Vaishnava etiquette is. Lord Caitanya, while embarking on His South India tour, took blessing and permission of all the Vaishnavas. In every moment of Sri Caitanya Caritamrta and Sri Caitanya Bhagavat there is this beautiful jewel of Vaishnava etiquette which is based on humility, respect and an eagerness to serve and receive blessings and give blessings.

Lord Ramacandra laid on the ‘kusha’ grass meditating and praying in His heart for Samudra dev, the king of the sea to come before Him to resolve this very serious dilemma. A huge army had assembled on the shore of the ocean but except Hanuman no one could cross the ocean. Rama prayed while fasting for three days and nights. But Samudra dev didn’t come. He was not following any etiquette. The core reason why someone makes aparadha is due to arrogance or the false ego.

Lord Rama expressed His emotions as the Supreme Personality of Godhead. He turned to Laxmana and said, “This king of ocean is so arrogant. I have been sitting here fasting for three days and three nights and he doesn’t say anything. This is because people who are too much intoxicated by material power and influence don’t take seriously the humble appeals of others. With all humility, politeness and gentleness I have been coming to him. But such a wretched state of consciousness he is in that he is thinking humility is a weakness. He is thinking brute force and harshness is real strength. Arrogant people respect arrogance. But I will devastate his arrogance, on this very day I will dry up the ocean into dry desert.

Lord Rama was enraged. He took His powerful bow and shot one hundred arrows. Within second the sea started to boil. The sea became so agitated and the waves were so huge that even the whales, alligators and sharks were flying in the air and falling back into the ocean.

Rama could not be pacified by Laxmana or the other great sages. Rama invoked the Brahmastra and in fear the sea receded ten miles. At that moment Samudra dev arose from the ocean. He wore beautiful garments and jewels. With all humility he prostrated at the lotus feet of Ramacandra and begged forgiveness. Lord forgave him and gave him shelter.

Rama asked him, “Please tell us how we can cross this ocean.” Samudra dev said that in the monkey army there is Nala, who is the son of Viswakarma, the architect and designer of the demigods. He knows the art of construction and You make him the in charge for building a bridge. Samudra dev assured that no aquatics will disturb the building of the bridge and the stones will float on the waters of the ocean.

Close to Thirupulläni at a distance of 4 kms is Sethu Karai or the shore. 2) Sethu Karai:-

Sethu Karai

Sethu Karai or Shore is close to Thirupullani at a distance of four km. This is the place from where Lord Ramacandra constructed sethu (bridge) to Lanka with the help of Hanuman, Nala and the monkey army to rescue Sita devi from the clutches of Ravana. At this place there is Temple with the Deity of Hanuman. It is amazing to see that the Deity of Hanuman is directly facing the ocean.

Sethu Karai or Shore

Theerthavari Utsavam at Sethu Karai : Every year Theerthavari Utsavam is held at this place in memory of Lord Rama’s onward march to Lanka that was planned from the Sethu Sea shore and in celebration of his subsequent victory over Ravana. Kalyana Jagannatha Perumal, the Utsava deity and Pattabhisheka Rama of Thirupullani divya desam make a joint once in a year 4 km trip to the Sethu Sea shore. Kalyana Jagannathan and Pattabhisheka Rama make an early start to the day with a 7am alankara to get them ready for the day long procession to the southern sea shore.

Theerthavari Utsavam at Sethu Karai

Theerthavari Utsavam at Sethu Karai

Seated on two separate palanquins and driven all the way on bullock carts Jagannatha Perumal and Pattabhisheka Rama go on an one hour procession to the Sethu Sea shore for the Theerthavari Utsavam. At the Hanuman temple on the banks of the Sethu sea shore, special Thirumanjana is performed for both Lord Jagannathan and Pattabhisheka Rama, while Hanuman is honored with a special Abhisheka as an acknowledgement of his efforts in locating Sita and giving Rama the good news. After providing joint darshan on the banks of the Sethu Sea shore for over 3 hours, Kalyana Jagannatha Perumal and Pattabhisheka Rama make their way back to Thirupullani Divya desam in the evening.

Building the sethu (bridge) : Nala was very excited. He called all the leaders of the army and told them what to do. The monkey soldiers began to collect materials for the bridge. They started bringing huge stones, mountain peaks, trunk of trees and started stacking them on the shore. Nala also asked them to collect tons and tons of vines and creepers which would be used to tie the stones together.

According to their particular strength they were bringing entire mountains and under Nala’s direction they began to throw them in the ocean. They had the task of building a bridge 80 miles wide and 800 miles long. On the first day of the construction of the bridge they covered 100 miles and the next day they completed 150 miles. Within 5 days they built a seamless and perfectly symmetrical bridge.

Lord Ramacandra wanted to show the world that if His devotees just put aside their ego for a common cause of serving the Supreme Lord and work together for that cause, there is unlimited divine power that He gives them.

Srila Prabhupada said, “The strength of our society (ISKCON) is our unity.” He quoted, united we stand, divided we fall. He gave the example of how it is easy to break one stick but when they are stacked together they cannot be broken. In the same way on our own, maya will break us but if we are united, united in the service of Lord Sri Krishna, in the service of Guru and Vaishanavas then maya has no power to break us.

One of Srila Prabhupada’s last instruction was, “You can show your love for me by how you cooperate.” It was not only for the purpose of pushing this great movement but it was also out of great compassion for each and every one of us, because we need each other. Yes, whatever differences those monkeys may have had, it did not matter. They had a mission to achieve and it was urgent and they worked together and the Lord empowered them to build the greatest bridge ever made.