Lord Caitanya in Rameshwaram

Darbhasayana or Thirupullani: Lord Caitanya visited the ‘darbhasayana’. It is the place of Saranagati. Vibhisana surrendered to Lord Ramchandra at this place. It was here that Vibhisana gave Rama the idea that He should approach the ocean god Samudradeva and ask him the means to cross the ocean. Lord Rama sat on ‘darbha’ or kusha grass and meditated for three days but Samudradeva did not come. This enraged Him and He angrily glanced on the ocean. By the mere glance of the Lord, the ocean became agitated. Samudradeva came out with folded hands and surrendered to Lord Rama. Even the Lord of the ocean surrendered to Lord Rama at this place. Dhanushtirtha or Dhanushkodi: Then Lord Caitanya came to Dhanushtirtha which is a very holy place. It is 12km walk from the Rameshwaram temple. After Ravana was killed and Vibhisana was coronated as the king, he approached Lord Rama and requested Him that this beautiful bridge which we have built gives easy access to Lanka and makes it easier for the kings to attack Lanka. So please break the bridge. So Lord Rama cut the bridge into three pieces and that time the two oceans, which were separated by the bridge, merged together. Sri Ramacandra called for all the holy waters and tirthas of the entire universe to enter into Dhanushtirtha.

The place was so beautiful that Lord Rama and Sita devi bathed here. Vibhisana comes regularly to take his bath here. Srila Prabhupada says that anyone who bathes at this place will get liberation. Anyone who just says the word ‘Dhanushtirtha,’ while medicating on this place, will get liberation. After bathing at Dhanushtirtha, Lord Caitanya bathed in 22 other tirthas, which are in the temple of Ramanatha, each offering a special benediction. There is one more tirtha called the Agnitirtha. After Agnideva returned Sita to Lord Rama, he asked Lord Rama for a place where he could get purified because he had taken Sita away. So Lord Rama asked him to take his bath in the ocean and that place came to be known as Agnitirtha. It is said that anyone who bathes in this place will develop the quality of chastity.

Kurma Purana
Lord Caitanya then went to the temple of Rameshwaram. While He was in the temple, He was hearing Hari katha with pure hearted Brahmins. During the talk He heard them discussing a section of Kurma Purana describing the story of the chaste lady. In that section the pastime of Ravana kidnapping Sita is described.

Ravana was so egoistic that he felt anything good has to be mine. This is the nature of ego. When it is inflated it cannot tolerate somebody having something that we want. It’s a condition that people spend their whole life trying to achieve, but are so foolish that they do not know that there can be no satisfaction of the heart in that state.

Hiranyakasipu was so powerful, all the demigods and sages were afraid of him and would offer their respects to him. But even though he had so much power, mysticism, wealth he was never happy because he could not control his minds and senses. Hiranyakasipu was anxious as he thought if he cannot control Prahlada then he is his enemy. That is demoniac quality and that nature, is to some extent, present in all conditioned souls. We want things to go our way, we want people to be what we want people to be.

Real love is I accept you for who you are and you accept me for who I am and we appreciate and somehow or other we get through this life with higher principles in the middle, principles that can actually bring real love. When husband or wife or friends or god brothers or god sisters when they accept each other for who they are and instead of you being what I want you to be and I being what you want me to be, we both try to encourage each other to be what Krishna wants us to be. For a higher principle accept the differences and appreciate.

Hiranyakasipu thought if I cannot destroy my son then he will destroy me. He could not control his son and that is a great cause of anxiety in this world. We want people, we want circumstances to come out our way. We want things to be what we want them to be. But there is a problem we are not the controllers, so it’s not going to be that way. And if we expect it, to be our way, we suffer when it is not and if we don’t expect it to be how we want it to be, then we are happy.

Lord Brahma is a great personality but he also realized that when he tries to be a controller he is miserable. So when difficulties come upon us then instead of blaming the circumstances or situations if we are just grateful and thank God for that situation then we can achieve supreme liberation.

So Ravana upon hearing of Sita’s beauty became very lusty. He disguised himself and came before Sita. Sita took shelter of lire and Agnidev put her in custody of Parvati. From fire Maya Sin appeared and Ravana stole her.

According to the Sthala Purana of Tirupati once when Ravana was flying in his airplane he came over a region in Himalayas where he saw a beautiful young lady performing penances. She was extremely beautiful and had matted hairs, her name was Vedavati. Ravana approached her with the intention to enjoy her but Vedavati replied that she has taken a vow that she will only accept Lord Visnu as her husband. Once a pure sage was reciting the Vedas and a girl was born and she came to be known by the name Vedavati.

Upon hearing Vishnu’s name Ravana was enraged, he began to blaspheme Lord Visnu. He attacked her and caught her by the hairs but Vedavati, with her mystic powers, cut off her hairs with her hand. She then proclaimed that since you have touched my body I cannot bear living in this body anymore. I will take my next birth from the earth and in my next birth I will be the cause of the destruction of your dynasty. Then by her yogic powers she burst herself into ashes.

Ravana stole Vedavati in the form of Maya Sita and she had to undergo 10 months of harassment. So Sita devi requested the Lord to accept her as His wife but Rama replied that in His next incarnation He will marry her. In a later incarnation as Venkatesh, Lord married Vedavati who appeared as Padmavati at that time.

Lord Caitanya got this scripture copied and personally came to Madurai and gave it to Ramdas Vipra. When he saw this Kurma Purana he became ecstatic and offered a nice feast to Lord Caitanya.