Lord’s Reciprocation

When Sita Rama were sitting on the throne, Vayu appeared with the most incredible necklace of celestial pearls, woven together with divine jewels. He gave it to Sri Rama. Rama put it around the neck of Sita. Sita removed it and called for Hanumanji. Sita put that most precious jewelled necklace around Hanuman. It was the jewel of Sita’s love and mercy. It was Hanuman’s ultimate wealth. Rama told Hanuman, “I want to give you everything and anything, you have done so much for Me.”

Hanuman said, “Let me remain alive in this body, in this world as long as someone is chanting Your holy names. Let me live to always protect Your devotees. And let there be not a moment when I am not remembering You in loving devotion.”

Lord Ramacandra said, “As long as anyone is remembering Me or chanting My names you will remain alive and that will be as long as this creation exists.”

Then Sri Rama approached Vibhisana and told him to return to Sri Lanka and rule the kingdom. Vibhisana is the symbol of saranagati. He surrendered everything. He took such risk in his loving service to Sri Rama. Seeing Vibhisana’s deep attachment, Rama wanted to give him the best thing He had. He gave him His own personal murti, which was the ishtadev of Raghu dynasty for many ages. History of this murti is very wonderful.