Why is this place known as Campahatti?

During their Navadvipa-dhama Parikrama, Lord Nityananda, along with the devotees including Sri Jiva and Srivasa Pandita, reached the village called Campahatti. There all of them took rest at the house of Dvija Vaninatha, a great devotee of Lord Gauranga. During the afternoon they went for a walk around the Campahatti village and Lord Nityananda explained to Sri Jiva about this place. The Lord said, “O, son of Vallabha! Please listen to Me. Previously there was a campaka flower garden at this place. This place is part of Khadiravana and is very beautiful to behold. Every day Campakalata sakhi would come here to collect campaka flowers and make garlands as an offering to Sri Sri Radha and Krishna. As Kali-yuga progressed, the gardeners began plucking all the flowers and selling them to the villagers.

Thus a market place for campaka flowers was established.

At that time this place received the name Sri Campakahatta and is now known as Campahatti among the people.”