Sri Jiva’s ecstasy on hearing the pastimes of Jayadeva

Lord Nityananda described the appearance of Lord Gauranga to the poet Jayadeva, and then said, “Oh, Jiva! This is the place of Jayadeva. Elderly people say that this high land marks the place where Jayadeva was staying”. When Lord Nityananda pointed out the place, Sri Jiva immediately started rolling on the ground while crying in ecstasy. Sri Jiva exclaimed, “All glories to poet Jayadeva! All glories to Padmavati. All glories to Sri Gita-Govinda. All glories to Jayadeva and Padmavati’s attachment to Krishna. O Lord, what an ocean of prema Kavi Jayadeva enjoyed in his life. Kindly give me just a drop of that ocean.” While glorifying Jayadeva, Sri Jiva was rolling on the ground at the lotus feet of Lord Nityananda.


One day while working on Gita Govinda Jayadeva felt inspired to write, “Krishna bows down to touch the lotus feet of Shrimati Radharani.” Jayadeva was hesitant to say something which might diminish Lord Krishna’s position as the Supreme Personality of Godhead.


He went to refresh himself with a Ganges bath before honoring Radha-Madhava’s Maha-Prasadam. In his absence, Krishna Himself, disguised as Jayadeva, wrote a line in the Gita Govinda: dehi pada pallavam udaram. The Lord also accepted Prasadam from Padmavati. Opon returning, Jayadeva was astonished to see the line. Understanding the mystery, Jayadeva cried in spiritual joy and said, “Padmavati, we are most fortunate. Shri Krishna Himself has written the line, dehi pada pallavam udaram, and taken Prasadam from your hand.”

Gita Govinda expresses the intense feelings of separation that Shri Radhika felt before the rasa dance. It also describes the most intimate pastimes of Radha-Shyamasundara. During Lord Chaitanya’s Gambhira lila in Jagannatha Puri, He would thoroughly relish hearing the Gita Govinda sung daily by Svarupa Damodara and Mukunda.

The author Jayadeva Goswami describes Gita Govinda: “Whatever is delightful in varieties of music, whatever is graceful in fine strains of poetry, and whatever is exquisite in the sweet art of love-let the happy and wise learn from the songs of Jayadeva”.

After finishing Gita Govinda, Jayadeva visited Vrindavana and then lived his last years in Jagannatha Puri. He introduced daily reading of Gita Govinda in the temple for the pleasure of Lord Jagannatha. His samadhi is in the 64 samadhis’ area.