The ocean receives darsana of Lord Gauranga

Lord Gauranga

One day the ocean saw Sri Gauracandra on the bank of the pristine Ganga sitting on a throne under a tree, surrounded by His associates. Sri Gaurahari was happily sitting on a transcendental simhasana. His beauty defeated the pride of millions of Kandarpas. Neither gold nor kunkuma can be compared to His form. The entire universe forgets everything, seeing the beauty of His hair. His moon-like face destroys the pride of millions of moons. When He smiles, nectar flows from His lips. His posture is most attractive. His long eyes extend up to His ears, His hands reach to His knees, and He has a broad chest and strong thighs on either side of abeautiful deep navel. The soles of His lotus feet are red like the rising sun. He was wearing white silk cloth with a red border. His whole body was anointed with Malaya sandalwood pulp and was decorated with different varieties of flowers. His dear associates were looking at Him in a wonderful way. As Gauracandra was beautiful, so too were His dear associates. On the Lord’s right, Lord Nityananda was sitting and on His left side Sri Gadadhara was standing. In front of the Lord, Advaita and Srivasa along with all the other associates were standing. All these devotees were very much overwhelmed by love and were gazing upon Sri Gauracandra unblinkingly. The Lord’s servants were engaged in various kinds of services for the Lord’s pleasure. Seeing all this, Samudra became impatient in ecstasy and developed many desires within his mind. That Lord, who is sitting within everyone’s heart, fulfilled all his desires. Samudra became overwhelmed with bliss seeing the Lord along with all His associates. He praised the River Ganga again and again. By taking shelter of the Ganga, Samudra came to Navadvipa every day. Samudra flows (gati) with the current of the Ganga. Therefore people called this place Samudra-gati. Now it is known as Samudragadi. Isana Thakura said, “O, Srinivasa! How can I describe to you the pastimes of Sri Gauranga in the houses of His devotees here, with only one mouth?”