The appearance of Lord Varahadeva in Navadvipa


On the western bank of the Ganga there is some raised land, like a small mountain, known as Kuliya-pahada. This mountain is no longer visible and has been described in scripture as Koladvipa. In Satya-yuga a brahmana named Vasudeva was living here. He was a great devotee of Lord Varahadeva and would worship the deity of Sri Varahadeva, sincerely offering his prayers. He would pray to the Lord, “Oh, my dear Lord! Please be merciful upon me and give me Your darsana so that my eyes may become purified and my life perfected.” Speaking in this manner, the brahmana collapsed and rolled around on the ground in frustration. He thought, “My Lord is not giving me His darsana, therefore my life is useless.” After some days, Sri Varahadeva mercifully bestowed His darsana to Vasudeva Vipra in the form of a kola (boar). His body was decorated with many varieties of jewellery. The Lord’s lotus feet, neck, nose, face, and eyes were especially attractive and His body was as tall as a mountain. When Vasudeva Vipra saw this wondrous form of the Lord he felt blessed. He offered obeisances to the Lord, falling at His feet, and began crying with great ecstasy while rolling on the ground. Upon seeing the great devotion of Vasudeva Vipra the Lord said in a sweet voice, “Oh, Vasudeva! You are My great devotee and have pleased Me by your fixed devotion. Please listen to Me. When Kali-yuga comes, My manifested pastimes will take place in this Navadvipa. There is no place in the three worlds equal to Navadvipadhama. This is My dearest dhama and has been kept very secret. The scriptures describe that all the holy places, including Brahmavarta, exist here. This most pious land is where I appeared from the fire sacrifice of Lord Brahma and killed the demon Hiranyaksha by piercing him with My teeth.

Lord Varaha Deva

Whoever resides in Navadvipa will attain the results of residing in all other tirthas.You are very fortunate to serve Me in this Navadvipa-dhama. You will again take birth here during My manifested pastimes. You will see the most beautiful form of Gauranga and His great sankirtana pastimes.” Having spoken these words, Sri Varahadeva vanished. After hearing this daiva-vani, the vipra tried to understand the subject. By analyzing all the scriptures the greatly learned Vasudeva understood that“Lord Sri Gauranga will manifest His pastimes in Nadia during the Vaivasvata-manvantara, at the beginning of Kali-yuga. All the rishis kept this information hidden, only hinting at the truth, so that only the most intelligent could understand it. The glory of these pastimes will spread when the Lord manifests Himself in Nadia. Now this truth is being kept secret but I can understand the hidden truths by the glimpse I have seen.” With great jubilation the vipra started to chant the holy name. He was chanting Gaura’s name constantly within his mind. When the brahmana Vasudeva saw the mountain-like body of Koladeva or Varahadeva, he thought, “This place must be the Koladvipa mountain.” Since then this name has been used. This mountain is non-different from Giri Govardhana in Vrindavana. Bahulavana is situated towards the north of this Kuliyapahada. In Navadvipa the twelve forests are not situated in the same sequence as in Vrindavana. This discrepancy can only be due to the desire of the Lord and He alone knows the reason.