Places to visit in Janakpur

Janaki Mandir

Sita Temple or Janaki Mandir / Mahal – This is a rare example of in Nepal of Moghul architecture, built in 1911 over the place where Sita’s deity was found. The deities in temple are of Sita, Rama and Rama’s brothers Lakshmana, Bharata and Shatrughna. This palace is the ancient site where King Janaka raised Sitadevi as his child. Within the temple premises is also a small temple of Sita devi’s parents :Janakamaharaj and queen Sunayana.



Janaki Mahal



Vivaha Mandap ( Madba) –

North west to Janak Mahal is the beautiful courtyard , wherein stands Vivaha Mandap. The place where Sita and Rama’s wedding took place.

Vivaha Mandapa

Vivaha Mandap


In the temple you will find the scene depicting the actual marraiage. Both the family members from each side are present . Demigods are also seen on the pillars, who came to witness this great event.

Laxman Mandir – Right in the front of the Janakmahal, but on the corner is this small temple dedicated to Lord Laxman. Here deities are of Sita Ram and Laxman.

Sri Rama Temple

Sri Ram Mandir – Situated close to Janakmahal is the small and beautiful temple of Lord Rama. This temple stands right in front of Dhanushsagar lake.






Gangasagar Lake – Close to janakmahal is a huge famous lake Gangasagar. Here all the holy  rivers including Ganga-Yamuna and all holy tirthas were invoked at a time when great sages churned the body .of king Nimi . The son born due to this churning was King Mithi, from whom this land became known as Mithila.Gangasagar Lake

Srimad Bhagavatam explains in detail about this incident – Glories of King Nimi, son of Ikshvaku.
When Maharaja Nimi began performing great sacrifices, he appointed Vasinoha to be chief priest, but Vasinoha refused, for he had already agreed to be priest in performing a yajna for lord Indra. Vasinoha therefore requested Maharaja Nimi to wait until Lord Indra’s sacrifice was finished, but Maharaja Nimi did not wait. He thought, “Life is very short, so there is no need to wait”. He therefore appointed another priest to perform the yajna. Vasinoha was very angry at King Nimi and cursed him, saying, “May your body fall down.” Cursed in that way, Maharaja Nimi also became very angry, and he retaliated by saying, “May your body also fall down.” As a result of this cursing and countercursing, both of them died. After this incident, Vasinoha took birth again, begotten by Mitra and Varuna, who were agitated by Urvasi.
The priests who were engaged in the sacrifice for King Nimi preserved Nimi’s body in fragrant chemicals. When the sacrifice was over, the priests prayed for Nimi’s life to all the demigods who had come to the arena of yajna, but Maharaja Nimi refused to take birth again in a material body because he considered the material body obnoxious. The great sages then churned Nimi’s body, and as a result of this churning, Janaka (Mithi) was born.

Dhanusa Sagar – In front of Sri Ram Mandir is this huge famous Dhanushsagar lake. As mentioned earlier this lake was created when one of the pieces of Shiva’s bow entered from here into nether regions after being broken by Lord Rama to marry Sita.

Dhanusa Sagar


Dugdhmati River – This River as the name suggests, was created from milk. When Mother Sita was beneath earth before manifesting herself to King Janak, she was being fed  milk from above the ground by Mother Earth as kamadhenu cow. In her ecstacy of feeding Sitadevi, Milk flowed all the udders and this overflowed as a small river. Thus, the river Dughdmati was created because of this milk.  This has been a very sacred place of bhajan for many saints in this region. The colour of the water is ever since whitish hue.

Dugdhmati River