Glories of Janakpur

Sita Devi

Appearance place of Goddess of Fortune Sitadevi –
Lord Rama appeared in Ayodhya in dynasty of Raghu as son to King Dasharath and Queen Kaushalya, His consort appeared through the medium of earth as the daughter of King Janak. For this task, the sacred place of Mithiladesh well known for divinity was chosen by her. This land of Mithila of which Janakpur is the capital is exactly situated between the banks of Ganga and the Himlayan mountain ranges. Mithila is nondifferent from Ayodhya, wherein Ayodhya is compared to the beautiful face of body made of all holy places combined, then Mithila Janakpuri is the beautiful tilak decorating this forehead.

Brahmana Devdatt achieves liberation in Janakpur –
Long ago lived a Brahmana Devdatta who was a great devotee of lord Shiva. He resided in Kashi. Once when he was meditating and offering puja to his lord, an old bull wandered near him and ate his flowers and fruits meant for his puja. Suddenly taken aback, Devdatta angrily slapped the bull. The bull, being old, suddenly collapsed on the ground and within no time died. Lord Shiva , the lord of kashi became upset on Devdatta and cursed him that for killing a male cow he will become poor and become afflicted by leprosy.
Soon Devdatta lost all his fortune and became a leper. As he was not able to stay in regular society because of his disease, he kept on wandering from one holy place to another hoping for atonement. Crying desperately for help, he intensified his spiritual practices. Narada muni seeing his plight advised him to visit Mithilapuri. He told him that just by hearing the name of Mithila, one gets purified of all sins. Indeed just by uttering the name of Mithila again and again, Devdatta’s leprosy immediately got cured. As he proceeded in the direction of Mithila, he experienced a great deal of happiness. After reaching Mithila, Devdatta felt fully purified in this holy land of Mother Sita. He remained here for rest of his life. At the end, when he left his body, he achieved the Lord’s transcendental abode.

Impious brahmana of Mahismati –


Once in the city of Mahismati resided a brahmana by name Kukarma. True to his name he was very sinful and performed many irreligious acts. However by fortune, as he was visting many places on his enjoyment pursuit, he also visited the holy city of Mithila. As he stayed there for few days, he gained unknown devotional credits. While staying there, a venomous serpent bit him to death. At once Yamadutas came to fetch him for punishment in hell. Yamaraj ordered him to be thrown in a hell known as Khadiraghar. However when he was taken there, Yamadutas were surprised to see that the heat of the hell had cooled down and a pleasant cooling wind was blowing there. The already suffering people of that hell felt a soothing relief. At this point, Vishnudutas from Vaikuntha came to fetch the brahmana. When questioned by Yamadutas about his misdeeds, Vishnudutas explained that by residing in Mithila and leaving his body, Kukarma was fully purified. Hence whichever hell you may take him, he will purify others with his association. At this point, Vishnudutas took Kukarma back to Vaikuntha.