Janakpur Dham



• Today part of Mithiladesh (which is a former name), is in Bihar (INDIA) and Nepal. Janakpur (Dhanusha district) in Nepal was its capital. ”

• Janakapur is 128 kms southeast of Kathmandu and 20 kms near the border of India, north of Indian cities of Darbhanga and Sitamarhi. This is the maternal place of Lord Rama’s wife Sita (or Janaki- The daughter of king Janak). Her exact birth place is in place called Sitamarhi (in India). In Janakpur, where Lord Ramachandra married Sita. It is one of the historical and religious cities of Nepal. Janakpur is the administrative headquarters of Dhanusa district of the Janakpur zone and has a population of approximately 80,000.

Marriage of Sita Rama • Janakpur, historically called Mithilanchal, is the centre of the ancient Maithil culture, which has its own language and script.

• The most important historical reference to Mithila/Janakpur is in the epic Ramayana, where Lord Rama’s wife Sita Devi (also called Janaki) is said to have been the princess of Videha. Her father, King Janak, found baby Sita in a furrow of a field and raised her as his daughter. When she grew up, the king announced that she should be wed by whoever was able to string the divine bow of Shiva. Though many royal suitors tried, Lord Rama, prince of Ayodhya, alone could even lift the bow.

• In olden days, Janakpur was capital of Videha . It was the home to the Mithila culture, which had its own language and customs. In ancient time videha or Mithila extended from Northern Bihar to SaptaKosi to Gandakiriver.