Geography and Climate

Janakpur Map


Janakpur is located in the Terai, alluvial, forested and marshy terrain at the base of the Himalaya mountain range. The major rivers surrounding Janakpur are Dudhmati, Jalad, Rato, Balan and Kamala. Janakpur is famous for its temples and the numerous ponds which carry significant religious importance. One can see all the six seasons in Janakpur. Basantritu (Spring-February/March), Grismaritu (Summer- April/May/June), Barsharitu (Rainy – July/August), Sharadritu (Autumn- September/October), Hemantaritu (Autumn-winter: November/December), Shishirritu (Winter: December/January). The best time to visit Janakpur is from September to March as the weather is pleasant and several festivals fall during this period.