The Position of Lord Brahma

Lord Bramha

The Vedic scriptures tell us that Lord Brahma was born from a lotus flower sprouted from the navel of Lord Garbodakasayi Visnu. Because Brahma was not born in the ordinary way, he is known as atma-bhü, “the self-born.”

Brahma is called the creator of the universe and he creates by the power invested in him by Lord Visnu. In fact, the position of creator, which Brahma occupies, is a post to which Lord Visnu assigns a highly qualified living entity. Though Brahma is posted above all the other devas except Lord Siva and Lord Visnu, his main qualification is that he understands himself to be an eternal servant of the Supreme Lord. Pilgrims to Puskar, aware of Lord Brahma’s exaltedness, generally petition Brahma for material rewards, such as elevation to the heavenly planets. But people with a higher understanding know that such rewards cannot match the gift of pure devotion to the Supreme Lord, which Lord Brahma can also give.

The first verse of the Bhagavatam says that the Supreme Lord awakened transcendental knowledge within the heart of Brahma. After much penance, Brahma realized that the Absolute Truth is Lord Sri Krsna, of whom all living entities including him are eternal servants. Lord Brahma is also the head of one of the four Vaisnava Sampradayas, or disciplic lines of devotees of Visnu or Lord Krsna. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, who is Krsna Himself, aligned Himself with the Brahma Sampradaya. The International Society for Krishna Consciousness, which descends from Lord Caitanya, is a part of the Brahma Sampradaya.