Once Lord Brahma, the empowered creator of the universe, desired to have a place on earth dedicated to him. So he threw three lotus petals toward the earth. When the petals landed, three holy lakes sprung up. Because the lakes were created from the flower (puñpa) thrown from Brahmä’s hand (kara), the area is known as Pushkar. The three lakes are known as Jyeñöha Pushkar (senior Pushkar), Madhya Pushkar (middle Pushkar) and Kaniñöha Pushkar (junior Pushkar) or Budha (old) Pushkar, as it is more commonly known today.

These three places are located within the radius of six miles.

1) Senior Pushkar- It is the place where hotels are located. It is considered the most holy, because the lotus fell here first.

2) Middle Pushkar- It is three kilometers down the road. It has a small hanuman temple and a 200 year old banyan tree.

3) New (junior) Pushkar- It is three kilometres further north. It has a small Krishna temple. Pushkar word may also be derived from word ‘Pushkarni’ which means ‘lake’.