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Nag (Yajna) Hill

Nag hill is said to be one of the oldest hills in the world. It is on the way to Ajmer. Its height is said to have been ten crore yojanas in Satya yuga, ten lakh in Treta, ten thousand in Dwapara. In Kali yuga, the height is decreasing day by day because it is sinking in earth. By the end of Kali yuga, it will almost disappear. It is said that if you visit this hill on your pilgrimage to Pushkar you will not have any interference or difficulties.

On the hill is Naga Kund. The story of this hill is that on the second day of Brahma’s sacrifice, Rishi Chyavan cursed Vatu, the grandson of Brahma to become snake, because he released a snake at the sacrifice that coiled around Bhrgu muni, Chyavan’s father. After Vatu begged for forgiveness, Brahma blessed him to live in this natural kund on Nag hill. Vatu performed austerities here. People who worship here on the panchami of sravana – Krishna paksha are said to have their desires fulfilled. Agastya muni’s residence is said to be a cave on Nag hill.