Why is this island called Godrumadvipa?


Sri Navadvipa-dhama-mahatmya (Parikrama-khanda) describes:

Lord Nityananda along with Sri Jiva and Srivasa Thakura reached the village called Gadigacha. He explained, “This island is known as Godrumadvipa. The Surabhi cow is always residing here. During Dvaparayuga Indra, bewildered by the illusory energy of Lord Sri Krishna, sent heavy rain to Vraja due to his great pride.

Indra and Surabhi Mata

Lord Krishna protected the vraja-vasis by holding the Govardhana mountain aloft. Thus Lord Sri Krishna destroyed the pride of Indra, the husband of Saci. Indra realized that he had committed a great offense at the lotus feet of Sri Krishna and fell at His lotus feet begging for forgiveness. The most merciful Lord Sri Krishna, the son of Nanda Maharaja, excused Indra for his offense. But Indra was nevertheless very frightened. He went to the Surabhi cow and told her, ‘I could not understand the Lord in His krishna-lila and thus committed a severe offense at His lotus feet. I have heard that in the age of Kali Lord Sri Krishna will manifest wonderful pastimes in Nadia. I fear that I may again become bewildered and offend the lotus feet of Sri Hari. You know everything, my dear Surabhi-mata. Kindly tell me what I should do to become free from this offensive nature.’ The Surabhi cow replied, ‘Let us go to Navadvipa-dhama. There we will worship Nimai.’ Indra and Surabhi then came here and engaged in the worship of Lord Gauranga which is very easy and gives great benefit. If someone cries, chanting the holy name of Lord Gauranga, he will obtain darsana of the Lord. After Indra and Surabhi performed their bhajana here Lord Gauranga manifested Himself exhibiting His most beautiful form, smiling sweetly. His transcendental form was very gracious and He was the personification of the ecstatic storehouse of all mellows. Lord Gauranga smilingly said, ‘I know your desire. Very soon I will manifest My pastimes in Nadia. During this pastime you will serve Me here, so that you will not get caught by the net of maya any more.’ Saying this Lord Gauranga disappeared. Surabhidevi stays there eternally under the banyan tree and constantly serves the lotus feet of Lord Gauranga. Because mother Surabhi is staying here on this island under a banyan tree, it is known as Godrumadvipa. Go means cow and druma means tree. All the desires of the devotees are fulfilled here. If anyone worships Lord Gauranga residing here in a hut, he will attain His lotus feet.