Shri Krishna Nija Dham Prasthan Tirth (Dehotsarg Tirtha)

Shri Krishna Nija Dham Prasthan Tirth

Lord Krishna left earth from this spot. His footprints in marble are installed in a small open shrine. This place is called as Shri Krishna Nija Dham Prasthan Tirth (DEHOTSARG TIRTHA). This Tirtha is exactly located on the banks of Hiran at a distance of 1.5km from Somnath temple. The Local temple suggests that Shri Krishna departed on the first day of bright fortnight of Chaitra month (which corresponds with 18th February of English calendar) in the year 3102 B.C. at 2:27:30 hours.

Close by is the Gita temple, where you can see the Deity of flute-playing Krishna. On the right side of the temple in a small attached shrine is a Deity of Lord Balarama with Ananta Sesa, His expansion. This is considered the site where Lord Balarama departed from the earth from here in his original serpent form. This is marked by an ancient holy cave called “Dauji-ni Gufa”

Triveni Ghat Somanath

Next to Balarama’s shrine is a Laksmi-Narayana temple. A room used by Vallabhacarya, founder of the Pusti Marga spiritual line, is in a courtyard nearby. His followers worship this place.

Opposite to Laksmi-Narayana temple is the confluence of three rivers: the Hiranya, the Kapila, and the now dried up Saraswati. This is well known confluence for Bathing known as TREEVENI SANGAM SNAN GHAT