Bhalka Tirtha

Bhalka Tirtha - Somnath

Bhalka Tirtha - Somnath

On the way to Veraval, a larger city six kilometers northwest of Somnath, is the place “Bhalka” where there is a Krishna temple known as Bhalka Tirtha. The temple is built around the tree under which Krishna was sitting when Jara, the hunter, shot an arrow into His foot. Lord Krishna was resting in meditation under a peepal tree when the hunter misread the foot of Lord Krishna as a deer and hit from a distance. Lord generously pardoned and blessed him & sent him to Vaikuntha. This divine lila of Lord Krishna is immortalized by a beautiful temple and an ancient peepal tree. Lord Krishna then arrived at the holy banks of river Hiran from where he took his last journey to his own abode in spiritual world.

Temple Hall - Bhalka Titha
Temple Hall – Bhalka Titha

Deities - Bhalka Tirtha
Lord Krishna inside the Temple

Kund - Bhalka Tirtha
Kund – Bhalka Tirtha

Shree Bhalka Tirtha

On the left side of the tree is a white marble altar on which Lord Krishna is sitting. His pink foot points toward Jara, who kneels with folded hands. At this spot Lord Krishna spoke His final instructions to Uddhava. [Srimad Bhagavat 11th canto]