Rama-tirtha (Rukumpur)

Lord Balarama

At this place Lord Balarama killed the demon Kolasura. Then, along with the members of the Yadu dynasty, He took bath in the Ganga. While Lord Balarama was visiting different holy places He came to this place. At that time, a demon by the name of Kolasura was living here.

Lord Rama

This powerful demon had mystic powers which he was using to keep the local people under his control. The people approached Lord Balarama for help and the Lord, being merciful upon them, came to fight with Kolasura. Kolasura attacked Balarama by surrounding Him with thousands of elephants and chariots from all sides. But Lord Balarama very easily defeated all of Kolasura’s soldiers and finally killed the demon himself. If anyone takes bath at this tirtha on the fullmoon day in the month of Kartika, he will achieve one hundred times the benefit of bathing in Haridvara. Now this place is known as Rukmapura (or Rukumpur). Lord Ramacandra also visited this place during Treta-yuga and Lord Nityananda, after His marriage, stayed for some period at Rukumpur.