mayamarim tatottirya
drishtva rama-parakramam

“(After visiting Sridhara’s house)Sri Gaurahari crossed the place known as Mayamari, having witnessed the valor of Balarama.” (Navadvipa-dhama-mahatmya, Pramana-khanda 4.37)

Lord Balaram

In Simantadvipa towards the southwest of the Jagannatha temple on the bank of the Jalangi river there is a place called Mayamari. There is a nice historical account about this place. Once, Lord Baladeva went on tirthayatra. During the course of His pilgrimage He reached Navadvipa and stopped to take some rest. While Lord Balarama was there the local people approached Him and informed Him about a demon called Mayasura who was troubling the people very much. Hearing of the pitiful situation of the local people, Lord Balarama, out of mercy for them, rushed towards the demon Mayasura and had a great fight with him in the middle of a field. Finally the demon was killed by Lord Balarama and therefore this place has been known as Mayamari since then. Mari means killing. This place is non-different from Talavana in Vrajamandala.

Directions: This is in the area of the fields on the front right side of Sridhara’s place near the Sarasvati River. There is nothing specific to mark this place.