Other Stories about the Temple

•  On 10th January,1563 it was reported that milk started flowing from the cracks of the altar wall. This happened three times that year thus instilling the fact that Lord Sri Ananta Padmanabha Swamy is resting on the milk ocean. In 1628, this incident about milk was again observed, this time from northern side of Rama temple opposite to main altar. To stop this flow, cracks in this small shrine was sealed. If one is fortunate than one can see these sealed spots with a close look.
•  Even today for a few fortunate at a particular location on the back side of the altar wall near the lotus feet of Lord, one can hear the mild sound of sea waves.
•  In 1818, the Deity of the Lord in sleeping pose moved and pujaris could feel the tremor in the altar.
•  In 1865, at midnight one day a massive sound of a lion was heard inside the main temple. Even today after closing the temple gates the temple guards relate the same experience happening, thus indicating the wonderful pastime of Lord Nrsimhadeva in the temple.