The Sages of Dandakaranya Meet Lord Ram

Sages of Dandakaranya Meet Lord Ram

A pastime of primary significance associated with Dandakaranya is the story of the sages of Dandakaranya, who desired to experience the rasa of conjugal love with the Lord.

In days gone by there were many sages in Dandakaranya. Dandakaranya is the name of the forest where Lord Ramacandra lived after being banished by His father for fourteen years. At that time there were many advanced sages who were captivated by the beauty of Lord Ramacandra and who desired to become women in order to embrace the Lord. Later on, these sages appeared in Vrndavana when Krsna advented Himself there, and they were born as gopis, or girl friends of Krsna. In this way they attained the perfection of spiritual life.