The Main Temple Of Dwarkadhish


Regal Worship :

Because Lord Krishna lived in Dwarka as a prince, He is worshiped there in that mood. The Dwarkadhish Deity is opulently dressed, and the symbols in His four hands (conch, club, disc, and lotus) are covered in silver. The brahmanas are colourfully dressed with solid red or yellow dhotis and with shirts made from flags that have flown over the temple. During the worship, the brahmanas beat drums and blow conch shells.

Within the compound of the Dwarkadhish temple, built in the sixteenth century, are many small shrines, including those of Lakshmi, Siva, Radhika, Balarama, Pradyumna, Aniruddha, Jambavati, Satyabhama, and Purusottama Visnu.

Directly facing Dwarkadhish is the shrine of Devaki, Krishna’s mother. She’s looking at Krishna, and He’s looking at her.