Sudama Puri

Porbandar is a coastal harbour city situated on the western coast of Saurashtra, Gujarat, along the Arabian Sea.

A rich history has enhanced the importance of the city. In the 10th century, Porbandar was known as “Pauravelakul” and thereafter renamed as “Sudamapuri”.

The city holds a prominent position among the kshatriyas of Rajasthan as the place is considered to be the birthplace of Sudama (Lord Krishna`s friend) and Mirabai (devotee of Lord Krishna). Even today, most Rajasthanis come to take the blessings of Sudama after their marriage.

Sudama Temple:

Sudama Puri Temple

Sudama Temple is one of the revered sites of Gujarat. This temple is dedicated to Sudama who was the childhood friend of Lord Krishna. This temple is often visited by thousands of devotees particularly the newly married Rajasthani kshatriya couples to take the blessing. Located at the centre of Porbandar, it is one of the exceptional temples in India which is dedicated to this great devotee of Lord Krishna. Sudama temple was constructed in 1902 and 1907 at the centre of the city. It is one of the historically significant sites in Gujarat.