Places Between Joshimath & Badrinath

The drive takes between 2½ to 3 hours to go about 44km. Vishnuprayag, 10km past Joshimath, is where the Alakananda and Dhauli Ganga rivers join together. Ten km further is Govind Ghat, which is where the treks to the Valley of Flowers and Sri Hemkund Sahib begin.

Pandukeswar is 4km further up the road. This town is the site of the Yogadhyan Badri temple, one of the five Badri temples. The utsava-murti of Badri Vishal is brought here from Badrinath during the six winter months, from November to May. King Pandu had lived here with Kunti and Madri and the Pandavas were said to be born here. As there are five Kedars, so there are five Badris. Pandukesvar is one of the Badris (Yogadhyan Badri).

Hanuman Chatti is 9km further up the road. It is said that Bhimasena and Hanuman tested each other’s strength in the Gandhamadhana hills and realized that they were both sons of Vayu and therefore brothers. There is a story of how this town got this name. Bhima was traveling on the road here, when he came upon an old monkey lying in his way. Bhima requested the monkey to move his tail, which was blocking his path. The monkey replied that he was very old and had no strength to personally move his tail, but welcomed Bhima to try to move it. After repeated attempts to move the tail, the powerful Bhima became humbled and gave up. The monkey then revealed himself as Hanuman.

Places Between Joshimath & Badrinath

There are two Hanuman Chattis, this one and another one by Yamunotri

. Places Between Joshimath & Badrinath

This Hanuman Chatti is 27km from Badrinath and 9km from Pandukeswar. This area is also noted for being where Hanuman meditated and pleased Lord Badrinath.