Pandharpur – The Land Of Lord Vitthal

H.H Lokanath Maharaj say “Throughout the provinces of India, the Supreme Lord is worshiped in various forms. In Andhra Pradesh, He appears as Tirupati Balaji, in Kerala as Guruvayurappan, in Karnataka as the beautiful Udupi Krishna, in Gujarat as Dvarakadhisa and Ranacora Raya. And in Pandharpur, the spiritual capital of Maharashtra, the Lord is worshipped as Sri Vitthala. His devotees also fondly call Him Vithobha or Panduranga.”

Pandharpur Dhama is located about four hundred kilometres southeast of Mumbai.
Some call it Bhu-vaikuntha, “the spiritual world on earth.”
Others call it Daksina Dvaraka, the Dvaraka of the South.
The town is located on the western bank of the river Bhisma. Because of the way the river bends as it reaches Pandharpur, it is known there as the Candrabhaga (“crescent moon”). For the devotees of Vitthala, this river is as holy as the Ganges.
Pandharpur Dhama
Amhi jatoh amchya gava ( I am returning back to my own village)
Tukaram maharaj went to Vaikuntha in self same body. Everyone thought that he will come back. But he never returned.then all of them came to know that ‘amchya gava’ refers to vaikuntha. Tukaram always referred Pandharpur as bhu-vaikhunta.
Tukaram maharaj went to vaikhunta
Pandharpur is also referred as nadabhrama – The place of musical kirtan.
Pandharpur is a place of musical kirtan


Most of the references are from pages of H.H Lokanath Maharja’s book about Pandharpur “Bhu-Vaikuntha Pandharpur”.

Bhu-Vaikuntha Pandharpur Lokanath Maharja


Vitthal Rakhumai
Vitthal Rakhumai