Origin of Gomati Tank

Gomti River

Lord Krishna and Bhima were once going to visit the sacred thread-ceremony of Parikshit, the grand son of Arjun and son of Abhimanyu . On their way, while passing the jungle, Bhima became thirsty and was on the look out for water. Lord Krishna pointed out a basin near the hermitage of Dank Rishi. Both of them went there and quenched their thirst. Thereafter they were resting under the shades of trees. Bhima thought that if this basin was made big it would quench the thirst of wild animals, birds and human beings. With a stroke of his club, Bhima converted the basin into a big pond spreading over an enormous area of 572 acres and this is at present is known as Gomati Tank. It is situated just opposite the Ranchhodraiji Temple. It is one of the biggest village tanks in Kaira District with masonry walls, Outlets and stone steps on the sides. Even human bones are said; melt in the water of Gomati tank.