Madan Mohan Temple

Madan Mohan means one who can even enchant cupid. In the temple there are three altars. Madan Mohan with Srimati Radharani and Lalita Devi are present in the center altar. On the left altar Gopalji Krishna with Radharani and Lalita. The king of Karauli worshiped the second set of deities 100 years before even Madan Mohan came to Karauli. The deities receive a midday offering consisting of 56 dishes.


The deity of Madan mohan ji was worshiped by Sanatan Goswami in Vrindavan at the Madan Mohan temple.


This deity gave blessings to Krishnadas Kaviraj Das Goswami to write his classic work, the Sri Caitanya Caritamrita.


In 1670 Maharaj Jai Singh brought Madan Mohan to Jaipur from Vrindavan. His brother in law, Maharaj Gopal Singh had dream in which Madan Mohan expressed his desire to return to the area of Vraja. Karauli is considered to be a part of great Vrajamandala. He then told Maharaja Jai Singh about it and asked permission to bring Madan Mohan to Karauli. Maharaja Jai Singh was also attached to serving the deity. So he kept one condition that Maharaja Gopal Singh will be blind folded and all the three deities i.e. Govinda, Gopinath and Madan Mohan will be placed and if he could distinguish Madan Mohan then he can take Him to Karauli. Maharaj Gopal Singh prayed to Madanmohan to reveal Himself during the test. So Madan Mohan again appeared to him in dream and told that when he will touch the deity I will lower My right hand than other two deities that’s how you can recognize me. That’s how Maharaja Gopal Singh could take the deity of Madan Mohan to Karauli to worship. Because of this pastime even today the right hand of Madan Mohan is lower and not in line with left hand, so pujari has to put two flutes in the hand of Madanmohan than one flute.