A great religious place, Janakpur is famous as the birthplace of Goddess Sita, the consort of Lord Rama. There is an artistic marble temple of Sita (Janaki), popularly known as Naulakha Mandir. Religious festivals, pilgrimages, trade fairs and other festivities are held here on Bivaha Panchami and Ram Navami days. Janakpur is also linked with Kathmandu by air and road.

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Baraha ksetra (Varaha ksetra):

ksetra (Varaha ksetra)

The second largest city of Nepal is Biratnagar which is situated in the Koshi Zone .A few kilometers from the main city of Biratnagar, Barahaksetra, the holy place of Hindu pilgrimage, lies at the confluence of the two rivers the Saptakoshi and Kokaha. There is the temple of Lord Baraha, Lord Vishnu, by taking the incarnation of a boar (Baraha) protected the earth from being submerged into Patal (underworld) with his long tusk. Then the Lord sat with his wife Laxmi at the bank of Koshi River and the lap of Himalayas and hills. So, the place bore its name after that event. There is a big and beautiful image of the Baraha incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Biratnagar is linked with Kathmandu by air and road

It is believed that all wishes are fulfilled during life and one gets the eternal grace from Lord Vishnu after death if one takes holy dips at the confluence of Koshi and Koka rivers and worships god at the temple. Shradda performed at this place has greater value than that performed at Gaya.

Baidyanath kshetra :

Baidyanath kshetra is located in Achham district, the far western region of Nepal, at the right bank of Briddaganga River, one of the four important regions of Aryavarta, the land of Aryans. The places described in Manaskhanda of Skandapurana are as follows

Baidyanath based in Garudagunj, is famous as a place where Goddess Parvati was married to Lord Shiva. – Four sites (Chardhama): Kailash, Manasrovar, Khocharnath and Achham-based Baidyanath. The following lines are the holy words of Lord Shiva himself. “Gods get medicines of thousands of diseases and pray me as baidyanath (lord of medicines) and get rid of problems”.

Baidyanath kshetra

It is one of the four religious sites, Chardhama of Nepal; Pashupat Kshetra, Muktinath Kshetra, Baraha Kshetra, Baidyanath Kshetra. Baidyanath is described as a savior / redeemer for the devout. This is believed to be the place where Ravana, the antagonist in The Ramayana, sat in penance in devotion of god.

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