Jaipur – Pink City



Jaipur was built by and named after Maharaj Jai Singh II (1699-1744). In 1727, Jai Singh decided to move down from the fortified stronghold of Amber to build a city on the plains below. Before the city of Jaipur was built, the kingdom was known as Amber kingdom. The city was built according to Shilpa sastra. The city was laid out with six blocks surrounded by a city wall.


Jaipur Deities and Temples

Vajranabha, Krishna’s great grandson, had three deities of Krishna carved. He never saw Krishna, so the deities were carved according to the description given by Uttara, the mother of Maharaj Parikshit. He had three different images carved. Govindajiji deity exactly resembled Krishna’s face, Madana Mohan deity exactly resembled Krishna from the navel down to the lotus feet, and Gopinatha deity exactly resembled Krishna from the navel to the neck. In one book about the temples of Vrindavan, , it is quoted in Padma purana that to get the full vision of Sri Krishna, pilgrims have to visit and offer obeisances to all three deities during a single day, while the sun is still up. Sri Govindaji and Gopinatha are now in Jaipur, and Madana mohan is in Karoli. In Jaipur there are Govindajiji, Gopinatha, Vinodilal and Damodar which were originally installed in Vrindavan.